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Amazing news! We finally have Boohoo in its Middle East edition, catering to the regional fashionistas and fans of this always-on-trend brand.
I actually placed my first order from Boohoo MENA, a week before Ramadan. I was planning to include this dress in my Ramadan inspired looks but I didn't have time at the end. I guess this post was meant to see the light now, even though this dress is already out of stock. I think it is just a good reference on what to expect from Boohoo, especially in their plus size collection.
I really loved this midi dress. I sometimes have an issue with the term "midi" and the way brands misuse it. Technically, a “midi” is a term used to refer to any dress or skirt with a hem which hits a mid-calf – halfway between the knee and ankle. I noticed that some brands don't use that term accurately, and refer to a "short" dress or skirt as "midi".
Luckily, in this case, this Boohoo dress is midi and perfect!

The print is such a delicate, feminine, earth tones modest floral print.
It reminds me of the peasant style dress and traditional Levantine clothes. Not only in the design but the colors recall a warm middle eastern culture.
This look is inspired by a memory. When I was a little girl, my mom used to dress me in traditional Lebanese dresses and clothes, and I particularly remember that she would wrap a headscarf with gold coins around my head. The sequins on this dress reminded me of those shimmering coins that would ring in harmony, as they swing across my forehead. I pretend to be a gypsy or a belly dancer. And for the longest time, I was into that subculture of boho, gypsy style, tribal and modern-traditional.

I absolutely love this look. I am not sure what more to add about it because it speaks for itself.
I am really excited to have Boohoo accessible from the Middle East now and it is super easy to order. The option of "Cash on Delivery" makes online shopping sound so sweet!
So take advantage of Bohoo MENA's regular offers, new arrivals and lately they have a 10% off your order so go check it out!

If it is your first time trying Boohoo, I would always suggest to check out their "sale" section and pick a few bits just to test the waters. And I am sure you'll love it. It is always good to get acquainted with a brand first, without spending too much money. So that's my solution. You'd be surprised what you can find in their clearance section. You'll also be able to know how their clothes fit and your size.
Happy shopping!

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  1. I've ordered Boohoo twice to the states and have loved most of the stuff I got. The last time, they had a $5 sale and I got a large order for just like $50, it was awesome. Unfortunately, Lebanon is never included in "ME" versions of sites :(

    1. Ya I never understand why! It is so frustrating.
      They should consider it because Lebanon is considered a big market as well.
      I hope things change. Could be customs that they are more expensive than the rest of the ME and GCC countries?

  2. Love the print of this dress! Great summer style! You totally rock it!

    Paulo Paradox |

  3. Nice post. Thanks for sharing and providing information about this beautiful dress.

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